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Suggested topics and helpful presentation techniques.

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We want you to do whatever you always do. That's the best way to make you comfortable and the best way for our members to hear about your company. Overall, just feel free to use any presentation style that works best, and consider some of the suggestions that follow here.

What is your company all about?

Always let us know who you are and a little bit about your company. Your goal could be to make sure the students can answer the following question (if asked by a fellow member): "I missed the meeting today. What does the company do?"

What is the need that they are fulfilling for their customers?

A brief history is usually very interesting to those fledgling entrepreneurs as well. The best formula here is to keep this part limited to your intro.

What (software, hardware) applications is the company currently using to meet their needs as well as their clientele?

Remember that ISA members are technical people. They are going to want to hear about all of the latest and greatest products that your company has to offer its customers.

What is the corporate culture like at your company?

ISA is a diverse group. Some people love teamwork, others want a project handed to them to work on alone. Some want to be in the fast track right away. Others like a mellow pace. Some like to dress up, some like to dress down. What would they find at your company?

Interview Tips

As a recruiter, you've probably had good interviewees and bad ones. Since you're going to be in town at ISA, why not share some of traits that you look for in quality interviewees and new hires?

Your current project involvement

Perhaps the best way that we could gauge your company is by your experience there. Be prepared to share what you have done and what you're doing now.

Types of positions available for IS students

Are you looking for full-time, internships, co-ops, etc? Many students come to meetings hoping to find a job opportunity, so please be prepared to take some resumes home with you!


If you would like to pay for sponsorship of our club as well as lunch during the presentation (we will take care of buying the food) by sending a check, please contact Griffin Nordin here for an invoice for your company. Thank you!